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The maps that will take you from miserable to successful.

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Guidelines that help you go from desperate to motivated.

This map will take you from miserable to successful.⁣ Maps are guides to help you plan your route from a to b. From desperate to motivated. From failure to confident.⁣ Raise your hand if you’re ready to have control over your food and the motivation to make the best choice for what your body needs!⁣ That was me sister. I was desperate for change, but needed someone with the map to help guide me on my journey of losing 48 lbs. This was not a solo mission. It was a road trip and I am so glad I had a coach to be my co pilot, riding shot gun. ⁣ And the map and co pilot in the car, doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get in the car and drive. The time is now to:⁣ Take ownership of your life. ⁣ Take ownership of your time. ⁣ Take ownership of your day. ⁣ Take ownership of your mind.⁣ Take ownership of your food choices.⁣ Don’t ever say you don’t have confidence in your body because of what someone else is or is not doing. Your body is your body and no one else’s.⁣ You have the power to choose—stop being a backseat driver and grab ahold of the wheel of your destiny.⁣ Lucky for you I’m a pretty darn good co pilot and have the best map ever to get you to your desired destination of celebrating your body and rocking those jeans with confidence.⁣ My 1:1 coaching program called Curvy Fit without the Fat is the map to where you want to go. You want to lose weight? You don’t have anyone to keep you accountable? DM me ‘MAP’ for more info or comment below and I’ll send you a message personally. Registration for 2018 closes on November 12. Get you your map girl!⁣ Tell me sister, what is your number 1️⃣ struggle on your weight loss journey that you think is holding you back from being successful?

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