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Emmy Cornwell is your hilarious body confidence coach that will brighten up your life from the light that shines from within. She’s the BFF you’ve always wanted sprinkled in with a little bit of tough love. From overweight and depressed to living a life comfortable in her skin--confidently rocking crop tops like it’s her job!


Emmy is dedicated to sharing her story because she knows that her story is not meant just for her, it is meant for another woman to help unlock their true identity through a healthy lifestyle. She will show you how to lose weight and keep your curves without being a slave to the scale.

You will laugh and maybe even cry, but either way, you will be inspired to learn how to love your body now on your way to the body you’re working for in the future.

The party is here sister, so get your party pants on because we are talking all things food, fitness, fashion, and faith. This podcast is a must listen for any woman who wants to lose weight, keep their curves and increase their confidence!

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I'm obsessed with this gals energy. She's raw and real but somehow ALWAYS lifts me up no matter what the topic is. I'm in love with her mission to bring light to self love at all sizes. You will definitely be hooked after the first episode like I was! 

Emmy's podcast is full of confidence-giving joy, and it's infectious! I love how Emmy is  transparent with her personal story and ties together spirituality and health. Thank you, Emmy for the morning motivation and smiles.

Emmy is geniune, full of fire woman that wants nothing more than to empower other women by  being vulnerable and sharing her heart! Her passion of helping others is palpable and I really enjoy  her tips, tricks and real world, personal experience that she shares. Emmy knocks it out of the park with this Podcast! 

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